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I was born in Rokycany and spent my childhood in Prague (Czech Republic). Im honest and kind but most of all I love to make people happy around me, I always try my best to make a nice photo session that's funny and memerable. I have a big passion for photography im learning it myself,
I started as a child with my grandad's old camera, I used to love to develop the photos too, but stopped years ago. I have come back to photography a year and a half ago.

I love to capture natural shots of children, newborns and even people and couples in Love.
I like to show people my little world that i'm in when I hold my camera.
I love photos with sweet candy colours, of frosty sunny morning with a little sugar in the colours.
I love the haze with a little bit of matte in photos. I love it when a photo has something to remember or a memory and its a photo that makes a person smile and remember that day... I love criticism with honest words, Im not a Photographer Im a Amateur.

I love What I do, im not perfect, my photos aren't perfect but I will always try to do my best and in my different way. This is my little story about me and through my eyes...

where am i?